How to Raise Money for Someone in Need

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Occasionally, a member of your community will come into hard times and you want to do what you can to help her out. While the circumstances may vary, you need to rally the community for support, working together to raise money to help this person. Through an organized fund-raising effort, you can build up the money she needs. You may even be surprised by how much money you raise.

Determine what the person needs most. Someone who is having a hard time paying medical bills, for example, simply needs more money to pay off the bills. On the other hand, someone who lost his home in a fire may need household goods to start rebuilding his life.

Ask people in the community for donations. In many cases, people will give what they can to help out, even if it's just a few dollars. Community leaders, such as school administrators and religious leaders, can be especially helpful in getting the word out.

Talk to local business owners about fund-raising from their location. Some may allow you to put a collection can next to the cash register or allow you to solicit donations in front of the store.

Sell items to raise money. You could have a traditional bake sale to raise money, or you can look for other items that you can sell, such as candy, cookie dough or discount cards. Another ideas is to have a community rummage sale, with all of the proceeds going to help the individual.

Hold a fund-raising event. This could be anything from a simple party at your home to a spaghetti dinner at the local VW hall. If possible, have people donate the food and supplies that you'll need for the party so that you can maximize the amount of money that you raise.