Quick Easy Fundraising Ideas for a College Campus

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Raise money for your college club, sorority, fraternity or the campus itself with a quick, easy fundraising activity. Fundraising can either be done on or off campus, depending on resources available. Many companies are willing to sell their products to students at cost once they know it is for fundraising, so it’s always good to ask.


Find a local or well-known donut brand that is willing to sell cost-priced donuts for fundraising. Many of the bigger donut chains offer fundraising packages for student organizations and charities. Set up stalls outside lecture halls and in popular gathering places on campus to sell the donuts to students and teachers. Make sure that the fundraising cause and the donut provider’s name are visibly advertised on the stalls, as this is often a requirement of fundraising packages.

Sausage Sizzle

Most campus students will jump at the chance for a low-cost lunch. Talk to local businesses about donating produce (sausages, bread, tomato sauce) to your cause, with stall advertising as an incentive. Campuses often have barbecues available for student use for social events and fundraisers. This fundraiser needs some advance planning, but the smell of sausages on a barbecue will draw a crowd, especially if you start cooking about 10 minutes before lectures end. Sell a sausage sandwich for $2 to $3 for a quick day’s fundraising.

Discount Cards

Different kinds of discount cards are very quick and easy fundraisers. Cardholders get discounts on anything from pizzas to products at select stores to movie tickets. According to “Buy For Charity Fundraising,” these kinds of cards can be bought in bulk and have a 70 to 95 percent profit margin. With these kinds of fundraising cards, roaming fundraisers and campus-based stalls are both possibilities.

Chocolate Bars

Selling chocolate bars and candy bars on and off campus is a staple in the fundraising world. Many confectionery manufacturers offer fundraising packs at cost-price and a $1 or $2 candy bar is a fundraiser most people will be willing to buy.

Sensation Fundraising

Sensation fundraising is like a dare. Set a fundraising target, say $500, and if that fundraising target is reached within a certain time limit, a prearranged volunteer will do something sensational. A popular sensational action is hair cutting and dying. The action taken should be safe, should have the total complicity of the volunteer and should be something visible and usually a little embarrassing to encourage fellow students to contribute to the fundraising target.