Poster Ideas for Fundraisers

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To raise funds for a charity or organization, you first need to choose the methods you will use. Developing posters to inspire the public to contribute to your fundraiser can be an effective way to gather donations. To achieve a successful fundraiser, you need to effectively communicate the purpose to get people excited about being able to help.


A catchphrase or quotation on your poster is a great way to attract attention. People can then connect the phrase or quote with your organization. Add other graphics to your poster, such as artwork, clip-art or photos. You can find suitable clip-art or artwork online, either for sale or in the free public domain. Place your catch phase or quote in a large font above or below a montage of images from your last fundraiser, or of pictures that will touch people and inspire them to contribute.


A photo of a local or national celebrity can go a long way to promote your fundraiser. One idea is to include the image of a celebrity with someone your fundraiser will aid with the money raised. Another approach is to develop a poster design that includes a celebrity photo with a mascot from a school or with volunteers for the charity the fundraiser is meant to support.

For example, if you are raising money for a no-kill animal shelter, images of a celebrity holding an animal can help demonstrate how important the funding is. Develop a border around your larger, central image, consisting of photos of animals that have been saved from abuse or neglect and who are now up for adoption.

Before using a celebrity's image to raise funds, it's a good idea to seek the celebrity's permission or the advice of a lawyer to avoid possible liability for unauthorized use of the image.

Picture of People in Need

A group photo of people that will be directly aided by the fundraiser can be a great way to show that contributions gained through your fundraiser will go to help a lot of real people. Include text that defines the work of your organization and how funds collected are allocated. Testimonials from people previously helped would also be an effective element.