Non-Profit Fundraising Event Ideas

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Non-profit fundraising events can generate a large amount of money. Location, planning, organizing and advertising the event are all key factors to its success. Non-profit fundraising events can be large and fancy or small and inexpensive gatherings that take place in a private home. Just about any event can be converted into a fundraising event by donating a part of the proceeds to a non-profit organization.

Game Tournaments

Game tournaments are small and inexpensive non-profit fundraising events where participants play dice or board games like Bunco, Trouble or Sorry. The event can be as large or small as the game allows and combines fun with fundraising. Charge each player a set fee and start the party with a brief explanation of the non-profit organization that the funds are going toward. Serve finger food and provide small trinkets, preferably something relating to your non-profit organization, as prizes for the winners. Volunteers can take turns hosting several of these events throughout the year.

Entertainment Events

Affordable family entertainment is a large-scale non-profit fundraising event. Host an afternoon or evening event featuring a play, movie, concert or comedy suitable for the whole family. Keep in mind when setting admission prices that people are most likely to attend if the admission price is affordable. Ask local restaurants to provide dinner or finger food at a reduced rate or for publicity. The addition of food adds the element of a package deal.

Silent Auction

Silent auctions are lucrative non-profit fundraising events that benefit your organization and the community. Silent auctions can be combined with a lunch or dinner, creating a large-scale event, or a longer event where items are displayed and bid on over the period of a week. Ask community businesses to contribute goods and services for your organization to auction off. Display the items in a central location providing adequate information on what each item entails and who donated it. Proceeds from the winning bids go to your non-profit organization.

Rubber Duck Race

A rubber duck race is an entertaining non-profit fundraising event that costs a bulk purchase of rubber ducks and advertising. Solicit donations of goods and services from local businesses for prizes, food or entertainment. Advertise and set up stations in the community where people can "adopt" a duck. During the event, the rubber ducks are released into a local waterway in front of a crowd and owners of the winning ducks are awarded prizes.