Whether you are starting an after-school girls education program or joining up with a team of women-directed nonprofit, there are extensive grant resources to support your organization.

1. Step 1

Before you can begin to search for grants and funds, you must have a completed business plan for your nonprofit, which includes a Vision and Mission Statements and organizational structure.

2. Step 2

Secure 501c3 status tax-exempt status to be able to apply for and receive grant money. You must have proper documentation (business plan, details of activities, detailed financial agreements) and fill out the IRS Form 1023 within 27 months of becomming incorporated.

3. Step 3

Research local grants through your hometown's Chamber of Commerce or community groups (e.g., Rotary Club, Lions Club) and municipalities (e.g., City of Boulder Colorado Economic Development Fund). Meet with potential funders or successful nonprofits to network and promote your venture.

4. Step 4

Research regional funds, such as the Atlanta Women's or Boston Women's Foundations or corporate giving offices; for example, the Liz Claiborne Foundation provides funds to support women in 5 states.

5. Step 5

Research nationally available grants, such as the Education Trust, Federated Department Stores Foundation or Exxon Mobil Foundation's Initiative for Educating Women and Girls.

6. Step 6

Research special-interest foundations, such as the Chrysalis Foundation or the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund award, which specialize in educational development for females.

Things You Will Need
  • Business plan

  • Computer