List of Fundraising Ideas

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Organizations that rely on fundraising to support some or all of their activities include charities, religious groups, private schools and research institutes. Some organizations hire fundraisers who raise money as their primary job function. These fundraisers must use a variety of techniques in order to maximize donations.


Many organizations rely on door-to-door fundraising where representatives or volunteers walk through the streets and knock on everybody's door asking for donations. Organizations often print out brochures or pamphlets for the representatives to distribute to residents. Sometimes, instead of asking for donations, the representative sells items or raffle tickets on behalf of the organization. Door-to-door fundraising may cause safety concerns, especially when using minors as volunteers.

Street Fundraising

Similar to door-to-door fundraising where donations are collected in person, street fundraising entails standing in a public area and asking for donations to those who pass by. Representatives often hold up signs and wear t-shirts imprinted with the organization's logo to draw attention. Although some organizations find this method useful, many people find this type of fundraising invasive.


Organizations plan many types of events in order to raise money for their causes. Elegant fundraisers include dinners or banquets where guests dress in formal attire and eat gourmet meals. The night usually includes speeches and light entertainment. Entertaining fundraising ideas include bingo night, charity carnivals or dog shows. Some organizations plan sales events such as charity yard sales or bake sales.


Some organizations plan annual raffles to raise money. Most often, private individuals or businesses donate prizes for the raffle to lower fund-raising costs. As an incentive to sell tickets, volunteers often receive gifts or free entry tickets for selling raffle tickets to others. Sometimes raffle winners are announced at other fundraising events.


Creating a fundraising website gives organizations the possibility of collecting money from people around the globe, unlike other types of fundraising which are usually limited to local residents or previous contacts. The website can include information about the cause, reasons to support the cause and multimedia presentations of the organization in action. Many fundraising websites enable online donations where visitors can enter their credit card information and donate directly online. Simpler fundraising websites do not include an online donation option, but list phone numbers, email address and postal address for visitors to send donations offline.