A federal or state grant for project management training provides a company with funds to send employees to training programs, purchase training materials or hire a training coordinator. Because it is a grant, these funds do not need to be repaid. To receive a grant the company must apply according to the grant’s application guidelines, which often includes providing information about the type of project management training sought. Available grants and information on how to apply for them are available on the government’s grant website: www.grants.gov.

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Grant

This grant provides for-profit and not-for-profit organizations with financial and research assistance to determine how to best implement a housing program or other social service plan. Research assistance can be in the form of either outsourcing research or providing employees with project management training on how to research and implement a project. The maximum award for this grant is $24 million.

Workforce Training Fund Programs

These grants, administered by each state, provide businesses with money to train their employees. The type of training can be chosen by the business or employee, but must not be a type that is commonly offered by the business. A recipient can choose, therefore, to attend a project management training program. This grant is intended to provide employees with training that will increase their earning potential by increasing their work skills. In some states it may be referred to as a “Skills Development Fund”.

Community-Based Training Grants

These grants, managed by the Employment and Training Association (ETA) of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) are offered to individuals interested in attending educational training programs but who do not live near an accredited institution. Funds can be used to attend project management certificate or degree programs. The funds are provided to enable the individual to receive private training. In total, 125 million grants are available.

Indian and Native American Training Programs

These grants are part of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), which are managed by the Department of Labor. These funds can be used by members of these groups seeking job training, including programs teaching project management skills. Applicants are given a two-year grant for their education. Approximately $67 million are available.

Career Pathways Innovation Fund

This grant will provide African-American students with training in project management and other skills. Awards must be used to attend a community college program. The majority of these funds will be used to pay for health care project management training.