Many hospitals depend upon successful fundraising events to be able to continue to provide valuable medical service to their communities and patients. All events should be discussed with the hospital’s publicity department before being publicly announced and promoted. The list for possible fundraising events is practically endless. It is merely up to the creativity, imagination and determination of the event's planners.

Holiday Tree

Sell Christmas ornaments for $10 to $20 each that will adorn a huge Christmas tree in front of the hospital for the holiday season. The price depends upon the size or shape of the ornament. Have people decorate their own ornaments with photos, glitter, paint and other craft material. Ornaments can memorialize a deceased loved one or honor a hospital patient. For the official lighting of the tree, hold a small carnival with a visit from Santa and opportunities to raise more money through games, a moonwalk, rides and food booths. Donors can retrieve their ornaments after the holidays.

Annual Basketball Game

Another event that the community can look forward to annually is a friendly, semi-competitive basketball game between principal members of the community. One of the teams should be comprised of hospital workers, such as surgeons, nurses, the CEO and administrative staff. The medical team can play prominent lawyers in the community, area radio station personalities, local TV news anchormen or some other group that would make an interesting, exciting opponent and draw a crowd. Charge an admission fee to the game and sell refreshments.

Fundraiser Ball

While extravagant fundraisers are more tedious to plan, they can bring in higher donations from well-to-do guests and business owners who enjoy gathering together for a night of dining, music and dancing. Host a formal ball that includes a catered dinner from a fancy local restaurant, music from a live band and a silent auction featuring donated items that guests can bid on to own. For these types of events, tickets typically start at around $100 per person, but attendees enjoy dressing up in ball gowns and tuxedos and opening their wallets for a good cause.

Talent Show

Host a talent show with all proceeds to benefit the hospital. It can even be held somewhere at or near the hospital so doctors and nurses can showcase their talents to others by performing a comedy routine, playing a musical instrument, dancing or singing. Open the talent show up to all ages within the community. Charge a fee for performers and an admission fee for audience members. Select three judges who will have a front-row view of the show and vote on an overall winner.

Flower Sale

There are always people willing to give a few bucks in exchange for flowers. The best thing about this fundraiser is that it can be held at various times of the year. Partner with a local flower shop and sell poinsettias around Christmastime, mums in the fall, roses for Valentine’s Day, pastel-colored bouquets around Easter and lilies or sunflowers for Mother’s Day. Contact local newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television stations and ask if they would offer some free promotion and publicity.