In a tight economy, charities always suffer from a lack of funds, and fundraising officers have to get creative to meet their annual goals. One method that never fails to bring in record-breaking funds is the high-end raffle. Consider Omaze, the artisan raffle company that sells chances for prizes such as VIP access to sports games, private movie screenings with the stars or even unique experiences such as singing karaoke with Kermit the Frog. While you may not have a Henson on your board to make that ultimate dream come true, special raffle items are a great incentive for people to donate money to your worthy cause.

Raffle Prize Ideas to Sell More Tickets

One of the best ways to sell a lot of raffle tickets is to offer one-of-a-kind items or special, high-end merchandise. Brainstorm with the members of your fundraising committee to find out which celebrities they know or special connections they may have. Unique items that appeal to the community will have the greatest appeal.

Do you live in an area known for its sports fandom? Look for experiences tied in with local teams, like sitting in the broadcast booth during a game or spending the day at training camp. If your community is more arts-minded, private sittings with local artists or gallery showings dedicated to the raffle winner might be more attractive to your audience. Of course, celebrities are always a big draw, so if anyone in your group has connections with a well-known person, try to use that to create a featured grand prize for your raffle.

Raffle Ideas for Adults Can Get More Sales

Adult-oriented prizes can bring in more funds than other gifts, and they don't even have to be racy or off-color. Large wine baskets are always popular prizes. Imagine the response you'll get for a basket along with a winery tour to watch the wine being made. What about a romantic weekend at a local bed and breakfast? Of course, if you hold your raffle near the beginning of the year, giving it a Valentine's Day theme and creating a long list of romantic prizes might be just the key to making your raffle a record-breaking success.

Ways to Raffle Off Prizes

Having the greatest prizes imaginable won't do your charity any good if you can't sell enough tickets to reach your goal. The more sales methods you use, the more tickets you're likely to sell. Selling by hand is a traditional way to get the word out and start sales moving but other, more creative methods include:

  • Selling tickets on your club or organization website
  • Offer tickets in a spot that ties in with the prize: near car lots if you're raffling off an auto or by the stadium for a fabulous sports prize
  • Use social media to sell tickets far beyond your usual sales reach. Create a simple page on Facebook and assign someone to post once or twice a day about your raffle. Ask for help, talk about what you'll be doing with the funds and feature the prizes. Social media rules are strict about selling tickets online, so check Facebook for the current regulations.
  • Have your business sponsors help to sell tickets. Make ticket sales a valuable part of every donation when you ask for their help.