A successful business requires cooperation and leadership of employers and employees. This includes having the right conversations with the CEO, executives, managers and anyone else who contributes to the growth of the business. Weekly or monthly meetings often are held to discuss various topics to keep everyone on track and to continue to improve a business' production and productivity.

Daily Accomplishments

This topic relates to what people hope to or want to accomplish during their daily work tasks. For example, if this topic is brought up during a meeting, a simple and effective topic question you might ask everyone at the table is, "What are you going to accomplish today?" An answer may be: "As an employee of this business corporation, I am to do what needs to be done to serve my customers, my employees and employers to ensure the continued quality and value that this business provides to others." This question helps to remind people that they are in business to produce results. It also helps people to understand that their daily results and accomplishments, whatever they may be, indirectly help the business as a whole. Thus, employees must take a degree of ownership and responsibility over their work so that everyone can inspire each other to be productive and contribute to the business' production.

Specific Results

Although similar to the first topic, this narrows the focus down to what absolutely must get done. A topic question for specific results may be, "What specific results are you going to produce today?" An answer to this may be: "As an employee of this business corporation, by the end of the day I will clarify any misunderstandings with my supervisor, I will greet vendors, customers and other guests with respect and understanding, and I will provide directions for vendors, customers and guests. I will answer the telephone, handle messages, sort incoming mail, collect employees' outgoing mail, complete the maintenance log sheet and finish inputting all necessary computer data before punching out at 5 PM today." Having a meeting about the specific results will give detailed insight to each employee about what everyone is doing, so they can stay on track to help improve the business production and productivity.


Another important topic that may be discussed is the definition of success for an employee and the business. The purpose of this discussion is to help people identify what success means to them. For example, ask a question such as, "What does success mean for you and how can we make this business successful?" Employees may answer, "Success to me means waking up in the morning and doing something that provides value to customers through quality service that makes them happy. Additionally, if we can build a positive team spirit, have open and honest relationships with communications and continue to pursue growth and learning, I believe that we can make this business successful." This discussion will help people share their ideas and perspectives with each other in an open environment, so that everyone feels like their own beliefs are part of the business' and that everyone can stay on the same page to help be productive for the success of the business.