It takes all kinds of people to make up the world. You’re bound to gather a variety of personalities as you staff a business. Although it may be tempting to try to make all your staff fit into a basic personality mold, effective leadership respects employee differences and looks for the positive strengths in every member of a team. Deal with different personalities as a leader to strengthen your business.

Everyone loves this employee because he’s funny, witty and optimistic. This staff member often feels most comfortable in the spotlight, showcasing his clever wit and ingenious ideas. Use the optimism of this employee to set a positive tone in the workplace. This employee may need coaching on staying organized, planning details and being punctual, but he can be wonderfully creative and has excellent people skills. This is the employee for any type of customer or client relations.

The Take-Charge Extrovert

Your take-charge employee has capable skills that make her a natural leader. She bristles when given directives and commands, even from those in authority. She makes decisions easily, applies logic effectively and may even think she is above the rules. Use the energy of this employee to motivate and energize the workplace. This employee may have trouble over-extending herself, with too many time constraints, but she makes an effective leader for committees. While this employee may feel she doesn’t need supervision, she often makes a valuable manager.

Creative Introvert

The quiet employee who keeps to himself may have deep and valuable ideas bubbling around inside of him. Often the creative type with amazing ideas, this employee’s gifts and intelligence can benefit a company when you solicit this employee's ideas. Use the intelligence and creativity of this employee to keep your business fresh. Don’t overlook the positive benefits this employee can bring to your business. He will often volunteer tirelessly and enjoys helping others without expecting much in return.

Laid-Back Introvert

The easygoing and happy employee who approaches life with a smile usually fits in well with other people. This employee won’t make waves or offend her peers and she may even be able to mediate issues between others. Reward the steadfast support this employee exhibits often. Rely on the low-key, calm personality of this employee -- she’ll plod along without wavering or getting excited about positive or negative events. This employee can have a stabilizing effect on other employees and she will rarely disappoint you.