Family and friends can help out loved ones in a nursing home and have fun at the same time by organizing a fundraiser. Revenue provided by the event can be donated to provide needed equipment like canes, walkers and wheelchairs, clothing and art materials for recreational activities. Some fundraising events like a dance or a bake sale are appropriate for residents' participation. Fundraising activities can generate excitement for the residents and can boost their spirits by allowing them to join in the fun.

Publishing a Cookbook

Publishing a personalized, custom cookbook for the benefit of nursing home residents can raise money and produce a treasured keepsake. After gathering favorite recipes of residents, family, friends and staff, recipes and meaningful photographs can also be placed in the cookbook. Important elements are, for example, how the book will be divided into sections and what design to place on the cover. A personal page about the nursing home can also be included. Some companies specializing in cookbooks accept recipes and other copy and photographs online, making it easy for fundraisers. In addition to selling the cookbook to the community, the finished cookbook will have a built-in base of buyers in the people who contributed recipes. The cookbook can also be sold at fairs and at other fundraising events for the nursing home.

Intergenerational Dance

High school community service groups may be willing to participate in an intergenerational dance at the nursing home or high school gym. Ambulatory residents can participate by dancing or observing and enjoying the music. Revenue can be generated by ticket sales to participants and the community as well as the sale of food and drinks. In addition, prizes can be raffled off to raise more money. A 50/50 is another popular way to fundraise. For a 50/50, participants buy a raffle ticket. The winner takes home 50 percent of the 50/50 revenue, with the remaining 50 percent going to the nursing home.

Traditional Bake Sale

Traditional bake sales are popular because they work to raise money. For this fundraising event, family and friends of residents and staff are requested to bring in a favorite baked item that is appealing to the buyers. Cookies, pies, cakes and bread are good sellers. The fundraising committee may want to solicit commercial bakeries, supermarkets and specialty stores for baked goods to sell. A bake sale can be tied to a holiday or theme, like Valentine’s Day, Halloween or the anniversary of the nursing home. This event is ideal for the participation of grandchildren in preparation of food for sale and, of course, in attending the bake sale and buying delectable goodies.