Goal Poster Ideas

A goal can range from anything such as getting through the next five minutes of the day to achieving a dream career position. Helping people work toward their goals may be an inspiring task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Create visual aids such as posters to encourage goal attainment, a quick way both to deck the walls and to ignite motivational spirit toward achieving that success.

Most Wanted Goal

Keep a goal at the forefront of all participants’ minds by featuring it front and center on a “Wanted” poster. While the old-time Western “Wanted” posters and current FBI issued-posters alert the general public about criminal activity, a wanted poster can serve as inspiration for attaining a goal. Where applicable, take a picture of the goal item, such as a new car or fancy piece of jewelry. Upload the photo to a desktop publishing or word processing program and create the poster, with the word “WANTED” in large type at the top. Add the picture and underneath it, include information about the goal. Brainstorm ideas for the photo if the goal isn’t tangible, such as graduating from a university, taking a trip to an island or raising a specific amount of money. Clip art within the software program should yield something to use where the criminal’s face would be on the "Wanted" poster.

Take the Temperature

A common way to track a goal is with a large cardboard thermometer, where participants color in the thermometer from the bottom up to the top as they near goal achievement. The goal is written at the top and may be tracked in increments (dollars, hours, accolades) all the way from the bottom to reaching the top. To create a thermometer poster, take advantage of clip art (search for “thermometer”) or download a picture of a thermometer. Customize the idea for your own organization by creating any kind of design you can color in, from a candy cane to a walking stick to an image of a tall stick figure. The idea is to start with a blank thermometer and color it in as the goal looms in sight.

Masterful Motivation

For a quick way to encourage people to stay on path to achieving their goals, create motivational posters. A single word, such as President Obama’s use of the terms “Hope” and “Believe,” can work well to spur participants towards their goals. Review quote websites such as Inspirational Spark for ideas, or look up words such as “goal” and “achieve” in a thesaurus and use some of their synonyms on the posters. Make sure the text is bright, big and easy to read to catch peoples’ eyes and add a bit of motivation throughout their day.