Pamphlets and leaflets are two common types of print publications used in advertising. The core difference between a leaflet and a pamphlet is based on size. A pamphlet typically has five or more pages of company or production information, whereas a leaflet is one single page, similar to a flyer.

Size and Scope

Leaflets, pamphlets and similar types of print collateral are used to launch new companies or products, promote special events or attract attention from new customers. A leaflet is a quick-hitter, one-page piece that typically includes one or two key messages and often an image. It is printed on better quality paper than a flyer. A pamphlet is longer and provides a more thorough overview of your company and product or service benefits.


Leaflets offer a bit more flexibility in placement. Because they are on one page, you can post or hang a leaflet in a public place just as you would a flyer. You can also hand leaflets out to prospects or customers or send them in the mail. Posting pamphlets isn't practical since you need target customers to dig into the material. It is also more costly to mail the larger-sized pamphlet.

Attention or Education

Because of the message limitations, leaflets serve the purpose of getting attention or promoting a singular product or event. Pamphlets typically have a broader purpose of educating customers. An insurance company might use a pamphlet to provide prospects of an overview of various insurance products. Banks provide pamphlets that cover various types of checking and savings accounts or loan products. You can also provide a complete overview of your company, its mission and your philosophies.


The costs of print collateral are typically based on the volume and quality of the paper and use of color. Therefore, you could have an exceptionally high-quality leaflet with a higher cost than a small, lower quality pamphlet. Typically, though, a pamphlet is more expensive because of the size and amount of paper used. You also pay an employee or designer for development. It costs more to design a pamphlet than a leaflet because of the complexity and content.

Which is Right For You?

If your objective is to raise awareness about the grand opening of your new business, the addition of services or a one-time event, a leaflet is a cost-effective way to do just that. It's designed to convey need-to-know information in a succinct yet visually-pleasing format that's easily portable and can be widely distributed via door hangers and mailboxes. If you've got a decent marketing budget and your goal is to provide people with a more comprehensive image of your company and services, a pamphlet would be the way to go. Not only does its multi-page layout allow you to pack in more information, consumers tend to take a pamphlet more seriously and are more likely to hang on to it for future reference.