Several programs are available that sponsor grants to finance transportation services for senior citizens to reach their destinations. Grants are used to modify vehicles to accommodate senior citizens and persons with disabilities and support training activities for drivers to operate wheelchair lifts and other accessibility equipment. Funds are also used to pay senior citizen’s transportation expenses such as bus fares and gas. These transportation grants are not required to be repaid by the recipients.

Capital Assistance Program

The Department of Transportation sponsors the Capital Assistance Program, which provides grants to meet the transportation needs of the elderly and those who are disabled. Grants are used to pay for capital expenses necessary to provide services to areas not served by public transportation such as vehicles and driver salaries. Eligible applicants include private nonprofit organizations. Under this program, transportation services must include urban, rural and suburban regions.

Federal Transit Administration 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE Washington, D.C. 20590 202-366-0797

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program is sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Services, which provides grants to engage citizens 55 years or older in volunteer services. Grants are used to cover the volunteer’s transportation and other out-of-pocket expenses. Funds are also used to purchase equipment, pay for staff’s salaries, fringe benefits and travel expenses. These grants are open to nonprofit organizations.

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Over-the-Road Bus Accessibility Program

The Capital and Training Assistance Program provides grants to improve bus accessibility for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Grants are used to install accessibility features such as wheelchair lifts to new and existing vehicles. Funds are also used to support training activities that address equipment operation and maintenance, boarding assistance, handling and storage of mobility device as well as sensitivity training. Private operators of buses that serve fixed intercity bus routes, local fixed bus routes and charter and tour buses are eligible to apply for these grants.

Federal Transit Administration 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE Washington, D.C. 20590 202-366-4345