With all the research, planning, time and effort that go into a new business venture, when that venture comes to fruition, there is cause for celebration. Many times, this is done with a ribbon cutting, a ceremonial effort between the company and the general public to announce that the business is now open and ready for customers. While the ribbon cutting itself is just a quick moment, you have the opportunity to turn a single cut into a memorable event.

Skip the Scissors

Almost all the guests at your ribbon cutting will expect you to bring out a joke-sized pair of giant scissors to cut through your ceremonial ribbon. Instead, wow guests by rending the ribbon a different way. Brainstorm options that go with your business or organization. Sporting goods stores may wish to theme their grand opening around a marathon, for example, with a numbered and tagged runner coming in at the last moment of the ceremony and breaking through the ribbon like a finishing line. If you sell home goods and tools, consider breaking the ribbon with something high powered, like a chain saw or drill bit.

Celebrity Guest

While ribbon cutting ceremonies are often conducted to celebrate a grand opening of a store, business or monument, they are sometimes not complete without pomp and circumstance to go with the actual slicing moment. Create a little thrill of extra excitement when you invite a hometown celebrity or local superstar to chair your ribbon cutting. Depending on the size of your town or city, you may already know of famous celebrities, authors, politicians and musicians who were born or grew up in your area. If not, search Internet websites such as My Celebrity Match and Born Where to check your state, city and zip code. While you may not be able to get in contact with someone starring in the latest blockbuster movie or working at the White House, you may find a few surprising residents who may be interested in another small taste of fame.

Strike Up the Band

Although cutting a ribbon takes just a split second of time, chances are your ribbon cutting ceremony will last just a little longer than that. Consider giving your attendees something to enjoy by inviting a local band to play music during the festivities. An essay from the International Society for Music Education states that music can create bridges between people and surround them with the single language of love and understanding. Even if guests come more to listen to the music than to browse your new facility, they may gain a better outlook to your business and remember you when they need something. To really make an impact on your community, inquire about using a local middle or high school marching band, which gives them more experience and creates an enjoyable spectacle for event guests.