An Internet café business is a place where patrons are able to purchase coffee and other drinks while signing up for an allotted amount of time on a private computer. The size and scope of an Internet café can vary from several hundred computers for large businesses to a handful of computers and wireless Internet hotspots for smaller establishments. Internet café business owners can maximize their profits and continually attract customers by enacting several tips.

Special Service Charges

To maximize profits within an Internet café business, owners may want to add a surcharge to certain services. Since many customers visit an Internet café because they do not have the proper equipment at home, charging a small fee for additional services (outside of simply using the Internet or computer) can help boost the bottom line of the business. Services such as scanning, printing or uploading digital images can feature a small fee. For printing services, charge a low fee for standard black-and-white pages; however, increase this fee for color pages and digital photographs. Fees should be charged on a per-page basis. This will also help cover the costs associated with printers, printing paper and ink.

Member Discounts

Creating a membership plan within an Internet café business can help boost customer loyalty and ultimately profitability by maintaining an active customer base. To create a customer base offer membership discounts on services offered within the café. The type of discount should be determined by how the business sells login time. If the business sells login tickets on a per-hour basis, provide a discount for existing members (customers who visit at least once a week) and potential new members by offering discounted bulk hour tickets. For example, a customer could get a 10-percent discount if they buy a four-hour ticket and a 25-percent discount if they buy a 10-hour ticket.

Sale Related Products

Internet café business owners should sell more than simply Internet time. By selling related products, the business can maximize profits. Some of the most popular items to be sold in Internet cafes include blank CD/DVDs, flash drives, headphones and other computer related products. Of course, most Internet café businesses also sell coffee, smoothies and other beverages; however, creating unique beverages and hiring one or two servers can help attract more customers. Perhaps consider selling alcoholic drinks during the evenings to attract a more adult crowd. Take note, selling alcoholic beverages requires a liquor license and approval from the city.