Startup List for Office Supply

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If you’re in the process of setting up an office for the first time, you’ll no doubt need a number of office supplies. Basically, you’ll need to break down your needs into three categories: desk supplies, computer supplies and paper supplies.

Desk Supplies

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Desk supplies are necessary for functioning on a daily basis in an office. Include such items in this grouping as pens, pencils, markers, scissors, highlighters, tape, glue, small paper clips, large paper clips, binder clips, a stapler, a staple remover, staples, correction fluid, phone message pads, Post-its, a stamp, a stamp pad, ink for the stamp pad, a hole punch, a couple of binders and rubber bands.

Computer Supplies

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You're not likely to function too well without a computer or the related supplies. Include items in this group such as toner and ink cartridges, disk cleaner and repair kit, CD-ROMs, Zip disks, air canister for cleaning and CD storage.

Paper Supplies

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Also important for any new start-up are paper supplies. Include such supplies as legal pads, copy paper, spiral notebooks, stationery, thank-you cards, adding machine paper, graph paper, business-size envelopes, large manila envelopes, padded envelopes, shipping labels, bubble wrap, special envelopes for disks or catalogs, packing tape, shipping supplies for UPS or FedEx, manila file folders, hanging folders, adhesive labels, color-coded index tabs and business cards.