There are many styles of clothing store décor options. Some are clean and contemporary with long, sleek lines. Others are whimsical with specialty shelving to case large inventory. If you’re looking for ways to revamp your retail store, incorporate a few new techniques into your display design.

Boutique Style Vignettes


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Change things up by arranging small scenes or vignettes around the entire space that capture a theme for style of clothing on display. You can choose to change your display based on season, holidays or special occasions. For example, showcase summer wardrobes complete by setting out lawn chairs, coolers, beach balls and umbrellas, and position clothes and mannequins wearing shorts, bathing suits and hats in the space. Setting up a canoe or kayak with plants, an inner tube and life jackets are props that can be backdrops for clothing setup. Use racks around this area or drape along the props both folded and unfolded. Stack jeans on chairs and lay out a single pair over an item. Keep displays of this type organized and neat as not to clutter or crowd the area, which can be overpowering and distracting.



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If your display board lacks mannequins or you’re looking for mannequins that are uncommon, try adding a few to your inventory. Use flexible mannequins where their limbs can be in a variety of positions to your liking. There are flexible mannequins available to fit both adult and children apparel. Place these mannequins in the windows and central areas of the store and alternate their posture in sitting and standing arrangements. Be sure to consider the types of clothing the mannequins will wear for a natural display.

Live Models

For specialty items or on occasion, hire a team of models to serve as mannequins in the storefront window. You can use live models to promote a new line of apparel coming in. Showcase them during busy traffic hours to draw attention to the clothing. Live models attract customers, and if you choose those who have modeled in this manner before, they look lifelike and are shocking. Give the models short breaks to allow them to change clothes and makeup to match the new line on display.