Team-building activities are a good way to build office morale and give employees a break from the daily routine. The basic idea is to have employees participate in a fun activity together. A fun team-builder is one with a crime scene investigation theme. It may take some time and effort to pull it off successfully, but, with a little creativity, there are many ideas for this type of office event.


One idea for this team-building activity is to assign character names to each employee. For example, employees can be characters from the television series, “CSI.” Another option is to have employees be characters from the board game, “Clue.” To make the event more fun, employees dress up like their characters. A prize is awarded to the best dressed office worker. Employees are separated into teams to investigate the crime. One employee plays a dual role, also serving as an impostor who actually committed the crime.


Another idea for this team-builder theme is coming up with a funny crime. For example, the murder of the copying machine can be a fun crime to solve. Since many employees deal with frustrating paper jams on a daily basis, it also is an understandable crime. The theft of the office’s morning donuts is another potential crime.


In order to make a crime scene investigation team builder more interesting, there will need to be some creative clues. For example, if the crime is the murder of the copier, then there can literally be a paper trail that leads back to the killer. The criminal also can have traces of toner on his hands. However, the clues should not be too obvious because the team-builder could be over within minutes. Like the script of a “CSI” episode, this event should have twists and turns.


A good way to wrap up a crime scene investigation team builder is to have a mock trial. The team that believes it has solved the crime presents its evidence to the judge. The judge can be played by the office manager, who knows the truth about the crime. The office manager lets the employees know if they have successfully solved the crime or not.


A good idea for any team-building activity is to present awards at the end. Some award ideas include gift certificates, parking privileges or cash. All employees who participated in the team builder should receive a small award.