Keeping up office spirit can be challenging even in the best of times. The monotony of most jobs, combined with a less-than-stimulating atmosphere of identical cubicles wears down even the best employees over time. Keeping things fresh and exciting is crucial for workers to do their best. Taking the time to actively pursue programs that increase office morale pay off in the long run with happier, more satisfied employees.

Open Communication

Openly communicating with employees can go a long way toward easing their workplace stresses and concerns. Employee spirit tends to be lowest when the company is facing a difficult time and cutbacks or layoffs are taking place. Making sure everyone in the company understands what is going on can help give them a sense of security, knowing that they won’t be blindsided by an unpleasant situation.

Implementing an open-door policy for employees to communicate with upper management is another way to improve office spirit. Allowing every person in the office an equal chance to be heard will not only make the employees feel that they have a say in how the overall company works, but may also yield some powerful ideas for company growth.

Events and Activities

Spending long days in a dreary cubicle can lower the spirits of even the most optimistic worker. Providing regular opportunities for employees to get out, socialize and enjoy themselves will help improve morale and may even increase overall productivity. Workers who feel refreshed and rejuvenated are more likely to produce better work. Events needn’t be elaborate or expensive to provide valuable benefits. An outing to a golf course, restaurant or coffee shop provides a welcome break from the office atmosphere. A spread of snacks or a special lunch offers employees a chance to get away from their desks and interact with one another.

Recognition and Incentives

Providing quality work on a regular basis may seem like a useless endeavor if one’s efforts are never properly recognized. Providing recognition for achievements will not only lift the spirits of the hard workers who have earned the honor, but will also encourage others to strive for the same accomplishment. Rewards can come in many forms, such as a gift certificate to a restaurant or an extra day of vacation. For the most effective incentives, provide the employee with a list of options from which he can choose his own reward.