Ideas for Catering Pamphlets

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When you own a catering business, you are busy buying supplies, working with clients on their event arrangements and trying to make sure you cover every detail in your contract. During your busy schedule, you need to make time to drum up new business. One way you can make the new business hunt easier is to create effective catering pamphlets. A good catering pamphlet will go a long way in creating interest in prospective customers and setting you up to close the deal and add another client to your list.


There is a variety of things that people look for in a catering pamphlet. Some people are interested in your food presentation ideas, some are interested in your pricing and others need to see the menu you offer. The average consumer is not going to read much detail in a pamphlet, and that is why you should keep your wording concise and to the point. Use short sentences consisting of only the essential words you need to make your point.


Catering is a business where people look for the presentation at their event. You should hire a professional photographer to work with you on pictures of your food presentation skills. Use only the equipment you work with, and use food that is on your menu. You do not want to include pictures of food or setups that you cannot re-create at your client's event. Pictures can be a very powerful and persuasive marketing tool for caterers.


One of the things that a customer will get from your pamphlet is a sense of your organizational skills. A caterer needs to be very organized. There are deadlines to meet, people to talk to and several things that need to go right to make a catered event successful. To organize your pamphlet properly, use one page each for topics such as pricing, menu, presentation options and experience. Within those pages, be sure to make the page look neat and organized in columns and rows. Make your pamphlet easy to read, and your customers will begin to see your important organizational skills.