Fun Games to Play in a Call Center to Keep Reps Motivated

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Call centers are hubs of consumer-customer service contact. Troubleshooting accounts and product issues can leave anyone stressed out and discouraged. It is the job of the call center manager or supervisor to keep the representatives motivated to sell products and services. Since workers are limited to the call center, heading outdoors for some sunshine is not an option. Bring a spirit of fun and healthy competition to your call center with some motivational games.

Pass the Bear

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Introduce a new mascot to your call center reps. Choose a funny-looking stuffed animal, like a teddy bear, to be the mascot. Pass the mascot around the room as kind of badge of honor. Every hour, pass the bear to the representative who makes or accepts the most calls or makes the most sales. Whoever has the bear the most during a shift or during a workday wins a special prize, like a candy bar or small gift certificate at a local fast-food restaurant.

Race Track

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Mount a dry erase board in the call center where everyone can see it. Laminate a paper jockey on horseback for every worker you have. Make them different colors. Mount them on magnets, and place them at the starting line on your dry erase board. Draw a finish line on the opposite end of the board. The finish line could be a quota or number of calls. As the workers work toward their goals, move the racers forward on the line. The first one to cross the finish line should receive a little prize or reward like a cupcake or some cash.

Basket of Toys

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Working in a call center it is easy to feel chained to your desk. Pass around a basket of toys for reps to play with while dealing with stressful phone calls. These could be squishy balls, vibrating balls, a Slinky, mini chalkboards and little dolls. Avoid sharing toys that make a lot of noise that can be distracting to workers. Give quiet, active toys that will bring a smile to your workers' faces. Keep toys clean by spraying them with disinfectant occasionally.

Pass the Buck

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Present your reps with a crisp new dollar, five-dollar or ten-dollar bill. For fun, use a giant paper bill to represent the actual money. Pass the dollar bill to the reps that make a sale. Award the bill to the last person to make a sale that day. Alternatively, you could award the bill to the person who makes the most sales in a day. Take a picture of the winner holding the dollar bill or the giant bill, and post it on a bulletin board for everyone to see.


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