The rise of electronic communication, such as instant messaging and email, has led to an increase of global communication. This increase of global communication has had a profound impact on society. In fact, society has become more global as electronic communication has eliminated distance as a barrier to communication. The benefits of a global society include making the world a smaller place, increasing business opportunities and improving cultural education.

Makes the World a Smaller Place

While a cliché idea, the world being a small place has become more evident with the rise of global communication. Family members separated by distance can stay connected with each other through electronic communication. Computer mediated communication, like social networking websites, even allow for long-distance communication without having to dread receiving an expensive long-distance phone bill. Electronic communication helps to make the world a smaller place by making news stories more accessible as well, by increasing the amount of international news people have access to.

Increases Business Opportunities

For businesses, an increase in global communication means new business opportunities. Effective international business communication requires an understanding of other cultures. For example, according to Mind Tools, an online resource for learning business skills, in Eastern countries establishing relationships plays an important role in business transactions. Therefore, by developing personal relationships with Eastern businesspeople using electronic communication, you increase your chances of enjoying successful business transactions.

Improves Cultural Education

The increase of global communication has led to new tools for educating children about different cultures. For instance, children can learn about other cultures directly from kids who live in other countries through international pen pal programs. Also, teachers can use technology to allow political leaders and cultural experts to educate students on the differences and traditions of other cultures.