There are a wide variety of ways to get your message out. Historically, media communication was limited to the traditional press release and press conference. However, with the birth of social media, an entire new way to reach the media developed. The use of email, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and blogging created a whole new language and vehicle to be heard.

Electronic Media


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New ways of reaching the media arose with the birth of the Internet. Email created an entirely new way to blast a message far and wide, and media communication changed and grew. Now, blogging provides a new way to be heard by not only changing the type of communication but the language used. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media tools provide networking experiences and an opportunity to use these tools in new and inventive ways.

Traditional Media


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Traditional media messaging included the use of television, radio and newspapers. Commercials and print advertising were and still are excellent methods of reaching the masses.



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Email is not the only tool for communication. United States Postal Service mail is still widely used for direct mailing, slate mail (particularly popular during campaign season) and coupon advertising.

Press Conferences


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Press conferences, press releases and media advisories are useful communication tools when the message can be delivered in person to an audience of reporters or consumers.