There are grants available from the states and federal governments for child care centers and family care providers. The grants can be used to make modifications and renovations to their facilities to improve their business. Applicants must meet the requirements of the grant program. These grants do not have to be repaid by the recipients.

Child Care and Development Block Grant

Sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Child Care and Development Block Grants are given to state and tribal organizations to provide child care services. Some services include assisting low income residents with child care expenses, developing child care programs that meet the parents needs, providing information to help parents with their child care options and allow funds for minor renovations and building upgrades to meet state and local child care standards.

Child Care Grant Fund

Child care centers and providers in the state of Nebraska can apply for child care grants to help their business. The Child Care Grant Fund allocates $200,000 in financial awards for child care providers and centers to make modifications to their buildings. This is done in order to meet licensing requirements, to accommodate more children and kids with disabilities, and to upgrade services from family home care to daycare centers. Grant amounts for family home providers are $5,000, while child care centers can apply for up to $10,000. Applications are available monthly and recipients cannot apply for another grant for three years.

Child Care Facilities Fund

In Alameda County, California, child care centers can apply for two grants under the Child Care Facilities Fund (CCFF). The Quality Improvement Grant is only available to Every Child Counts First 5 Alameda County Quality Improvement Initiative program participants. The grant amount can reach $10,000 for child care centers and $5,000 for family child care providers. The money can be used to purchase equipment and child development materials, facility improvements and repairs. Facility grants, worth up to $50,000, can be used to cover the construction, expansion and equipment costs of nonprofit start up or existing child care centers. These centers must focus on providing services for infants with special needs or low-income residents.