Retail displays are invaluable marketing tools. The arrangement of a display subtly and irrevocably affects a customer's purchasing decision by making a product look appealing or in considerable demand or by providing ideas as to how to use it. Attractive retail displays also create a friendly store environment, increasing customer traffic by making a retail location into a pleasant place to shop.

Single Product Displays

Creating a retail display using a considerable quantity of an individual item signals to customers that it is a popular product and that the store needs to keep a substantial amount of it on hand and immediately on display in order to meet a voracious customer demand. When a customer sees two oranges in a display, they assume that nobody wants oranges. But if they see a display of oranges stacked several crates high, they will want to buy some because they see that oranges are in demand and they figure there must be something special about them.

Multiple Product Displays

Creating a retail display out of different products that a customer might buy together is a way of suggesting a configuration of complementary purchases, such as displaying gardening books next to gardening tools. Displaying such items together can also serve as a reminder to a customer to buy a complementary item that they might otherwise forget because it is located in another part of the store, such as stocking lemons near the fish counter. In addition, such retail displays can give customers ideas about how to use their purchases, such as wrapping a scarf around the neck of a blouse that it complements well.

Thematic Displays

Thematic retail displays create a mood that can nudge a customer toward buying a product, such as building a display depicting a beach with sand and umbrellas in order to sell bathing suits. Customers see the display and think about being at the beach, and this inclines them to buy a bathing suit. A thematic display also creates an attractive, fun environment in a store, especially if it is creative, entertaining and whimsical. Inventive displays can lure customers who might otherwise not be interested in a product and even, on occasion, attract media attention.