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We all enjoy an opportunity to save money, and running a sale with a theme is a great way to attract customer attention. Sale themes can be anything from holiday ideas to seasonal promotions to any clever slant you can put on encouraging customers to buy a certain type of product, or a certain quantity of product.

Seasonal Themes

Almost any kind of retail establishment can come up with a sale with a seasonal theme. For a clothing store, run a sale on clothing appropriate for seasonal weather, and if you have a sporting goods store, promote gear for the weather-dependent activities. A food store can showcase seasonal produce in any season or barbecue ingredients in the summer and comfort foods in the winter. Even electronics can be tied in with the seasons, with spring being the time for renewal and winter as the best time to hunker down indoors.

Holiday Themes

Holiday sale themes can be hokey, or they can be imaginative, especially when you come up with ideas for staging promotions tied to some of the less publicized holidays or new ways to tie your sales in with some of the holidays that traditionally get the most attention. You can even designate some of your own holidays by paying attention to what happened on particular days in history and looking for ways to tie your sales to obscure yet important historical events, such as the invention of the lightbulb. If you can do this in a fun and imaginative way, you can attract positive attention from customers and even from the media.

Targeted Sales

Design sales targeted to specific groups, such as waitresses, starving artists or stay-at-home moms. Offer an appropriate item such as bath salts or some other product associated with stress relief. You don't even need to verify that a person belongs to a particular group; if anyone asks, say you are using the honor system. The purpose of the sale is to bring customers in the door, and even if someone lies about their eligibility for a special price you are offering, they're still coming into your store.


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