Restaurant grants for women can be used toward schooling required for restaurant management or operating a restaurant business. Money is also available to help women open their own restaurants. Women's associations and restaurant support groups typically offer grant and scholarship opportunities. Special consideration is typically given to disadvantaged women or women who've excelled in academics.

Women Associations

Groups that support women and their career aspirations offer grants to help them succeed in business. For instance, the American Association of University Women sponsors a grant program for women who are planning to change careers or enter the next state of their careers, such as opening a restaurant or attending culinary school. In 2010 to 2011, grant award amounts ranged from $2,000 to $12,000. Applicants must already hold a bachelor’s degree to be considered for this funding program.

Government Programs

Government grant opportunities offer financial support to women who wish to own and operate their own businesses. As an example, the United States Small Business Association has a specific branch dedicated to female business owners. The branch, Office of Women's Business Ownership, sponsors a number of grant opportunities for women who wish to open their own business, such as a restaurant. As of 2011, the group had over $123,000 available to fund women entrepreneurs. To be eligible for the grant, you must agree to match the amount of money awarded to you through the program.

Culinary School Funding

Scholarships and grants give women the chance to assuage the cost of culinary training. Female students going into the restaurant business can apply for a scholarship through the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation, for example. Scholarships are funded through restaurant and food service donations. Scholarship award amounts range from $1,750 to $2,500 as of 2011. Freshmen, undergraduate students and food service educators are eligible to apply for the money. Women Chefs & Restaurateurs also has grant money and internships available for current members of the group. Winners receive money toward culinary school or a food service-related internship. Award amounts range from $500 to full tuition at an accredited college as of 2011. Applicants must include work history, scholastic background and two letters of recommendation.

Food Service Organizations

Private organizations that represent individuals in the restaurant and food service industry sponsor grants for education and business funding. For instance, the International Foodservice Manufacturers Associations has scholarships available to individuals who wish to enter the restaurant, culinary or food service business. Each scholarship awarded through the organization is $5,000 as of 2011.