Creative Names for Banking Teams

by Gail Cohen; Updated September 26, 2017
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Choosing names for teams at your financial institution can be difficult due to the conservative nature of the business. It’s easy to feel uncomfortable about nomenclature because of the sensibilities of the people working in the banking industry. However, a little sleuthing can uncover some clever ideas that are appropriate and even downright fun. Let staff members vote for their favorite team names from your suggestions.

Use Financial Terms

Bank personnel -- from the president to the part-time tellers -- quickly become familiar with financial terms that apply directly to the banking industry and some that indirectly refer to it. These terms make a good starting point. Get silly by morphing words such as "accrual" into "cruel," or just take the words you use every day and expand on them, such as the Credit Crunchers, Balancing Act, Depositors, Auditors or Loan Rangers. A financial glossary can help you generate idea-starters.

Match Sports Team Names

This easy fallback is a popular way to name teams across the United States. If you have a major or minor league sports team in your city, it may come up with team names for your bank. Or use animal names -- for example, Bears, Lions, Cardinals or Ravens -- as an homage to football. Name your teams the White Sox, Red Sox, Blue Sox and Green Sox if you're a baseball fan; an added benefit is that you will simultaneously establish team colors.

Incorporate City Neighborhoods

If your bank is located in a city where neighborhood identity is a big deal, you can utilize neighborhood names. Chicago banking team members, for example, might be happy to belong to the Bucktown, Brickyards, West Loop, Uptown or Bridgeport teams. If you have multiple bank branches, name your teams after each one to spur instant pride and recognition.

Add Humor

Even serious bankers love a good laugh, so get clever and come up with some quirky, grin-producing suggestions. The Tellerators, Loanly Officers, Banksters and other twists-of-the-tongue aren’t offensive, as long as you don’t flirt with double entendres when you compile your list of team names. You may not have to reach too far into the language of finance to find names that are already humorous -- for example, financial terms such as “abnormal returns” and “abandonment option.”

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