Your liquor store may sell products that have a proven track record, but this doesn't mean you're guaranteed high sales. Every business needs to work on finding more customers. Liquor store managers can use of a variety of worthwhile and inventive tactics to create successful sales increases. Remember to check local laws to ensure that your liquor store is allowed to run with your promotional ideas.

Promotional Sales

Hold promotional sales as often as you can, and buyers will start to notice. Offer two-for-one deals or a discount on a spirit that cost you less at its wholesale price if they buy a more expensive product at the same time. Try to time some of your promotional sales during special events such as holidays and festivals in your town and during sports events. Connect your liquor promotions to these events.

Build a Reputation for Expertise

Create a reputation for yourself as a knowledgeable provider of your liquors and wines. Find clever ways to demonstrate this. If possible, try get an article or two published in local newspapers or websites that includes drink recipes or rates quality wines and liquors you sell. Create a YouTube channel in which you post videos of yourself trying different brands or drink mixes and rating them for audiences.

Advertise Strategically

Don't simply advertise heavily in hopes of better sales. Create a strategic plan that will allow you to get the most for your money spent. Target your advertising to magazines, flyers and other media in which the kind of people most likely to buy liquor, wine and beer in larger quantities will be looking. Use localized advertising on search engines with keywords targeted to a heavy consumer market. It is a good idea to advertise any promotional events using the same media.

Sales-Friendly Design

Design your store in an attractive way that encourages visitors to buy. If your store is located in a place where younger customers are likely to visit, create a festive bar or party-like atmosphere that buyers will associate with good times and good memories. If your store serves an older, more serious market, focus on creating an atmosphere of elegance, sophistication and fine quality. Attractively place spirits where impulse purchases are more likely. Consider selling other items that your target customers might also buy, such as snacks, gift bags and corkscrews.