What Permits Do You Need for Adult Day Care?

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An adult day care is a valuable service for those who simply cannot leave their older family members at home alone. When a nursing facility is not an option, an adult care facility can be a true lifesaver for a family with a need for one. Prior to opening up an adult day care center you should ensure you have all of your licensing and permits in place.

Social Service Department

Contact your state social services department; contact details can be found on state websites. You may be able to find the permit information you need on the websites themselves. If not a call or visit to the social services department will provide you with the details pertaining to the types of permits you will require.

Business Operations Permit

Contacting the social services department will certainly provide you with a list of permits and licensing that you need. Permits and licensing may vary from state to state; however, there are some permits that will be standard. A permit that allowed you to operate will ensure you are legally able to operate your adult day care. An application for an operations permit can generally be found by reaching out to your local or state business licensing agency.

Building And Safety Permit

Obtaining approval for any building or structural changes is a must for any business so you may need to get a building permit. A building permit will also cover safety inspections, like fire safety. Remember to ensure the safety of your building and your clients you will need to have all safety features fully operational.

Food Permit

Serving food and drinks to your clients will mean you need a permit to prepare and serve food. Your local health department will be able to provide you with the permit that you need. Local authorities will require an inspection of your kitchen and dining facilities.


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