Florida has more than 3,000 car washes, and one of the largest is a mobile car wash business. Mobile car washes come to where the car is to perform the work. Mobile Car Care Network Inc. in Daytona Beach, Florida, is the state's highest-ranking car wash business. It has annual sales of about $16.3 million and 380 employees, according to All Business, a business resource website. If you want to start your own mobile car wash, Florida has a variety of state laws and regulations that govern the business's operation.

Business License and Dba Certification

In Florida, a business license is required prior to operation. Business licenses grant legal authority to owners to conduct business. A Doing Business As certificate is mandatory in conjunction with the license. Consult with the local county government office about the paperwork procedure and filing fees.

Home Office License

Florida law requires that a mobile car wash has a home office license and a business license. You can get a home office license from the local county government office .

General Permit for Car Wash Systems

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection mandates and details the proper procedures for disposal of excess waste water in the General Permit for Car Wash Systems code. A permit is required for any residential car wash discarding more than 4,000 gallons of water per week.