There is an array of corporations, foundations and individual philanthropists that supply grant money for a variety of reasons. These organizations supply money through grants as a way of giving back to the people who have contributed to their success. Grant money is available for such things as non-profit enterprises, scholarships and medical research. Over the past 100 years, philanthropic contributions have lead to many of the things we take for granted today. The 911 emergency response system, public libraries, the public broadcast system, the polio vaccine and the white lines on the highways began thanks to private funding.

Grants for Scholars

Find a list of Fortune 500 companies that give scholarship grants on College ( You will also find a listing of organizations that give athletic and minority grants.

Each year, the Coca-Cola Corporation grants $3-million to college students and selects 250 high school seniors with a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better. Of the 250 students selected, 50 receive $20,000 and the remaining 200 receive $10,000 toward their college scholarships. They also provide $1,000 for 350 students who plan to attend a two-year college.

Wal-Mart Stores provide educational grants in varying amounts, based on educational motivation and need. Wal-Mart scholarship grants are divided into four categories; the Associate Scholarship program, the Sam Walton Community Scholarship, the Higher Reach Scholarship and the Wal-Mart Family Foundation Scholarship.

Business Development Grants

As with scholarship grants, some corporations will provide “seed money” to help individuals start a business. State Farm Insurance Company provides grants only for non-profit companies that focus on three distinct areas; community development, education and safety.

To secure start-up money to open a business, check out the Angel Investing Network. The Angel Investing Network comprises wealthy individuals who provide grant money for entrepreneurs. There are Angel Investor Networks in most major cities. Find a network in your city at Angel Investor Network (

Grants For Minorities

There is a long list of grants that are available to minorities. Minorities include certain specifically designated groups of individuals such as African-Americans, American-Indians, Hispanics and Latin-Americans, Asian-Americans and any other immigrant or ethnic group. Women are also designated as a minority group.

The American Bar Association, in an attempt to improve diversity in the legal profession gives a scholarship grant of $5,000 in financial assistance for minorities to attend law school. This amount can be tripled to a total of $15,000 if the student applies for and receives a grant during his or her freshman year.

The Asian-American Philanthropy Journal gives grants under its Asian-American Giving Association. Funds are donated by members of the Asian community as well as Asian nonprofit associations.

An organization called Cintas Foundation Fellowships was developed to assist Cuban artists or artists of Cuban descent. The annual grant amount of $15,000 is paid in quarterly segments and is established to cultivate artistic creativity in the fields of architecture, literature, music composition and visual arts.

American Indians of any age can take advantage of the scholarship grants provided to Indian students by the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. These grants are awarded based on financial need and are available to students of any tribe at any grade level, in any state in the United States.

Low-Income Grants

Also from Cintas is the Mayer Foundation, a nonprofit agency that provides money to low-income individuals who may have been subject to layoffs, natural or other disasters, or to help with unexpected health care costs. The Mayer foundation funds the development of humanitarian, scientific, cultural, educational, literary, and other organizations that serve community interests. The Mayer foundation accepts unsolicited applications for grant money. Grant funds through the Mayer Foundation are generally from $2,500 to $5,000.