When seeking a new dental receptionist, you likely want someone who will not only tend to patients’ needs but also keep your office running smoothly. By carefully selecting the interview questions for a dental receptionist, you can increase the likelihood that you select someone who is supremely suited to the position you are offering and capable of keeping your office in order.

What Qualifies You for This Job?

Your future dental receptionist doesn’t necessarily have to have experience working at a dental office, but it is likely preferable to hire someone who has some clerical experience. If she has no experience whatsoever with clerical work, it may be more difficult to train her in the running of your office. As dental front desk interview questions that will help you to get a sense of their prior experience.

How Did You Demonstrate Organizational Skills in Prior Jobs?

Lack of organizational skills can prove particularly problematic as organization is key to dental office's success. Look for a candidate who can provide you with a clear and detailed explanation of how he has demonstrated his organizational skills, as a candidate who can will likely be able to demonstrate the same skills in your office.

What Experience Do You Have Processing Insurance Claims?

In most cases, dental receptionists carry at least some of the responsibility for processing medical claims associated with dental treatment. If you can find a candidate who has done something like this in the past, you may be able to train him more efficiently.

How Will You Ensure That You Satisfy Customers?

As the contact person for people calling into your office, a dental receptionist must present a pleasant and helpful front. Look for a candidate whose answer includes calling customers back promptly, addressing customer concerns immediately and asking for help from others when necessary.

How Would You Respond to a Patient With a Dental Emergency?

Your dental receptionist should deal with issues of this nature by taking information regarding the nature of the emergency and speaking to the dentist before calling the patient back. Interview questions to ask for a dental front office include using a hypothetical situation. Because incidents of this type are quite common, selecting a candidate whose answer includes a procedure similar to this one will prove advantageous.

Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

It is not uncommon for dental receptionists to wish to advance within the dental profession. If you can, seek a candidate who holds higher career aspirations as a desire to advance may lead her to work harder in a quest for this advancement.