Christian groups often rely heavily on donations to keep their organization running; however, there are grants available for Christian organizations whose purpose is to evangelize others. Traditionally, Christian evangelism includes face-to-face teaching of the gospel, although evangelism is now done in numerous ways. There are grants that will support teaching of the gospel through printing of Christian literature and Bibles. An evangelism grant might also support audio and audio-visual communication.

Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation

According to Urban Ministry, one grant provider for evangelization is the Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation. The foundation is located in Washington, D.C., and its main objective is to support Christian evangelism. The foundation favors missionary groups that spread the Christian gospel. The average size of an Arthur S. Demoss grant is between $5,000 and $50,000, as of 2011, and the foundation has approved grants in the million-dollar range as well.

Orthodox Church of America

Individuals interested in grants should also consider grants from the Orthodox Church of America. The Orthodox Church of America has a department of evangelization that focuses on the Great Commission, otherwise known as Christian evangelism. The department operates a matching grant program for parishes, churches, missionaries and other Christian organizations that wish to evangelize. In addition to supplying grants, the organization also develops and implements evangelization strategies.

Application and Qualification

Applying for an evangelization grant often entails filling out an application or offering a proposal that describes the organization’s purpose and how it plans to operate. Some Christian organizations may hire a grant writer to help them fill out applications. However, the federal government offers free grant writing courses that Christian organizations and individuals can use to their advantage.

Missionary groups, pastors, preachers, evangelists and other individuals often do not qualify for grants unless they meet a certain criteria. One of the main criteria for qualifying for grants is to be recognized as a 501c3 nonprofit organization in the United States. Without a nonprofit standing, most organizations are ineligible to receive grants.

Alternative Funding

Christian organizations that fail to secure grant money should consider other alternatives. For example, organizations can look to fundraising as a way to obtain the resources needed to fulfill their purpose. The Christian Foundation Grants organization offers numerous fundraising solutions. For example, the Christian Foundation offers tips on how organizations can create websites to attract donors interested in their mission.