Many churches struggle to simply make payroll each month, so raising funds to create a safe playground space for children can seem like a miracle best funded on a wing and a prayer. Fortunately, if your church has a positive impact on the surrounding community and aims to nourish bodies as well as souls, there are grants available to help provide a safe place for children to play together in a community play space.

Captain Planet Foundation

Is your church playground utilized by a large number of children, and can you tie in the use of the playground with teaching environmental issues? If your answer to both of these questions is "yes," a grant from this foundation, based on a children's environmentally conscious television show, could be an avenue toward receiving $250 to $2,500 for a playground. The Captain Planet Foundation accepts grant applications four times a year: March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

Captain Planet Foundation

133 Luckie Street, 2nd Floor

Atlanta, GA 30303


Make It Matter

Will your church playground positively impact your community? If you can make a compelling case and write that case in an engaging way, fill out the brief application from the "Reader's Digest" Make It Matter organization to be considered for a $1,500 grant. You can email your story or fill out an online application.

Make It Matter

General Mills

If the church is located within a 50-mile radius of a General Mills facility and the playground will promote fitness and healthy living within the community, the Champions for Healthy Kids grants are worth pursuing. General Mills offers 50 grants of $10,000 each to the winners. You will need to complete an online eligibility form that provides a brief outline of how your playground will fit within the program's vision.

General Mills, Inc.

P.O. Box 9452

Minneapolis, MN 55440


Home Depot

If community outreach is a cornerstone of your church, you could quality for a one-time Home Depot grant of $2,500 that is awarded in the form of a Home Depot gift card. Grant stipulations include that the work and improvements must be completed by community volunteers and positively impact the community, not just the church or church volunteers. March 1, July 1 and November 1 are the application deadlines. Only online applications will be considered.

The Home Depot

2455 Paces Ferry Rd. NW

Atlanta, GA 30339-4024