A newsletter is a publication that, if written well, not only disseminates information, but reminds, guides and instructs those who read it. Newsletters are an excellent, cost-effective way of getting a great deal of vital information into the hands of a large, receptive audience. Newsletters vary in size and style, depending on the number of articles placed in the newsletter. Generally, newsletters fall into one of four categories: company, consumer, school and organization (nonprofit) newsletters.

The Company Newsletter

Many businesses use a company newsletter to keep their employees up to date about new products and recently hired or retiring personnel. If used and edited properly, company newsletters boost morale and strengthen a united spirit. Most company newsletters feature news, personality profiles and human-interest feature articles that promote the business and their employees.

The Consumer Newsletter

The primary function of a consumer newsletter is as a public relations/low key advertising device sent to customers. Consumer newsletters should contain information that would be of interest and benefit to clients. If the newsletter is from a camera store, for instance, articles on famous photographers and tips for taking better photographs.

Organization Newsletters

Organization newsletters are very similar to company newsletters. Both share many qualities, since “organizations” can also be companies. Most often, however, the term "organization newsletter” is applied to newsletters produced by nonprofit groups, such as the Salvation Army, and feature stories and information aimed at potential contributors and current financial backers.

School Newsletters

Because a good school newsletter contains great deal of important information about school, holidays and special educational projects, newsletters are a powerful communications tool used by teachers and school staff, to inform parents about upcoming school events. In addition to building ties with parents and the community served by the school, an informative and well-designed school newsletter can also instill a sense of school pride in both students and their families.