HR Recruitment Methods

by Ruth Mayhew; Updated September 26, 2017

Human resources recruitment methods vary according to staffing needs, company size, recruiting staff expertise and budget for advertising, cost-per-hire and other employment expenses. Depending on the jobs for which your company is recruiting workers, some methods are more effective than others. Often, the way to determine the most effective recruitment method is by experimenting with several methods until you find one that uses your company's resources and time wisely.

Internet Job Boards

Internet job boards that direct applicants to a company's website are a popular recruitment method. Online job boards reach a wide audience and the company's applicant tracking system makes recruiting a fast and efficient process. When an applicant spots a job posting in which she is interested, the job board redirects her to the company's website where she completes an online application. Recruiters monitor the systems and review applications with qualifications that match those required for the vacancy.

Employee Referral

Many employers realize the value of recruiting via employee referrals, and even offer referral bonuses to encourage employees to recommend friends, colleagues and family members for jobs. If your company has a high-performing work force, this could be a very effective recruiting method. Employees who are conscientious about their job duties and responsibilities generally know other people who demonstrate the same work ethic. Using this type of recruitment method minimizes the expense of online advertising and recruiters' time expended sourcing qualified applicants.

College Recruiting

Large organizations seeking new entrants to the work force have recruiters who travel to college and university campuses looking for graduating students. This recruiting method serves the interests of future employees and the employer. Campus recruiting enables companies to attract students with impressive academic credentials and train them to model the employer's philosophy and practices. In addition, the company's presence on campus demonstrates a willingness to invest in young professionals through mentoring and professional development. Private industry as well as military recruiters often use this recruiting method.

Job Fairs

Job fairs can be conducted by one employer seeking applicants for a variety of positions, or a group of employers who want to attract large numbers of qualified applicants. Some job fairs provide on-the-spot interviews, which encourages prospective candidates to come prepared to spend the day exploring employment opportunities with several employers. Job fairs are an effective recruiting method, particularly for new companies that need to staff their organization quickly or employers who want to expedite the recruitment and selection process by offering same-day interviews.

Professional Associations and Networking

Recruiters and other human resources staff who belong to professional associations use seminars, luncheon meetings and similar networking opportunities to attract applicants. Industry-specific organizations and trade associations use online job postings, newsletters and simple word-of-mouth advertising to publicize openings. For instance, the Society for Human Resource Management has a national database for job seekers who are interested in HR positions. Likewise, professional associations for engineers, accountants and lawyers also have listings for employment opportunities within certain regions as well as jobs across the country.

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