Starting a consulting business is a fairly simple process and, with limitless business opportunities in a thriving city such as Atlanta, it may be the perfect career match for the ambitious entrepreneur. A consultant is one who is considered an “expert” in a particular field. The consultant advises and plans strategies for clients. In many industries a license or certification is not required to become a professional consultant, making consulting a very cost effective and easy business to launch.

Establish your area of expertise as a consultant. The field of consulting offers a broad range of opportunities, so you’ll need to establish your specific services in order to identify your target market. lists the top 20 areas of consulting that are thriving in the current business world. Choose an area that you are knowledgeable about and confident in being considered the "expert."

Choose a name. Whether a fictitious or family name, select something that will appropriately and effectively identify your business. Once you have identified the legal structure of your business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or limited liability company (LLC), you can reserve your business name through the Georgia Secretary of State's office for a $25 fee.

Obtain a business license. All businesses located within the city limits of Atlanta are required to have a business tax certificate or business license. The city of Atlanta's business tax division will help to ensure that your business complies with all applicable city requirements and regulations. You can contact the office by phone or fax.

Phone: 404.330.6270 Fax: 404.658.7465

Set your fees. Research competitors and establish fees that are comparable to what is being charged in your industry.

Create marketing materials to promote your business. As a new business, you may be able to function initially with the bare essentials including business cards and a few flyers. is one online company that offers inexpensive options to promote and create your business identity.

Network. Visit for a complete directory of networking groups. Participate in local events and exchange business cards to build up a network of social and professional contacts who may be potential clients.