Many people need help finding various people and things including siblings, lawyers, apartments and better paying jobs, but have little time to do so. Finder businesses serve people by searching and contacting desired business for them for wanted information. Professional finder services have an unlimited list of desires and needs to be fulfilled. Consider starting a professional finder business and become your own boss.

Getting Started

Work within a familiar field. If you know a lot about various apartments, such as ones that do and don't require credit checks, focus on helping customers of your professional finder business find apartments that are within their price range and in a safe community.

Use periodicals and publications to research what you're seeking for your professional finder business. Read through magazines, newspapers and newsletters. Visit websites within the field of your professional finder business. If your professional finder business is specializing in apartments, visit apartment guide websites and their welcome centers for further information and requirements.

To stay competitive, create your finder's fee--your fee should be reasonable for profit and comparative advantage. Calculate finder's fee for your professional finder business by researching what would be needed to execute the plans such as deposits and registration assessment fees. Starting your prices 10 percent below your professional finder competitors will help build your clientele.

Have your clients sign an agreement form before using your professional finder services. The agreement confirms the customer agrees to any services that will be conducted on the behalf of the business, the finder's fee and its payment plan, itemized lists of tasks that need to be completed like paperwork and a potential deadline that'll be agreed upon by both the customer and your business.

Promote and advertise your business with promotional materials like business cards and brochures. Use them as an information package to give interested customers. Also advertise your professional finder business on social networking sites.