Running a recruitment agency involves many tasks, from the writing of job ads to the interviewing of candidates. While an ability to do these well is vital if you're going to make a success of your consultancy, you won't get very far if you don't know how to win new client contracts.

Cold Calling

Jump on the phone and cold call potential clients. You'll improve your chances of success substantially if you do a little research before you dial, as opposed to selecting companies at random from your local business directory. Check firms' websites for the name and contact details of HR managers or company owners to make sure you're asking for a decision-maker prior to calling. From time to time, consider sending out marketing letters introducing your consultancy to businesses in the sector you serve.

Warm Leads

A simple way of finding out about which companies in your area are looking for staff is checking out local job boards. When you find a firm advertising a role in your niche, get in contact with the recruiting manager. Again, find out exactly who you need to talk to before making contact. Prepare a pitch that demonstrates your expertise in finding candidates suitable for the role in question and highlight the benefits of using a recruitment agency over placing ads in local papers and job sites. If a firm states "no agencies" in its ad, respect its wishes and don't call.

Repeat Customers

It's a good idea to occasionally contact past clients to find out if they need any further help with staffing. Just because a company's used you before, it won't mean you'll automatically be its go-to agency for every vacancy that comes up. Taking the time to gently remind HR managers you've worked with in the past about your services and rates can pay off. Asking clients you have rolling contracts with if they need any additional recruitment assistance can also bring in more work.


Make sure local businesses looking for a recruitment agency know where to find you. As well as getting your consultancy in local business listings, build a website that has plenty of information for employers. Include a "frequently asked questions" section for firms looking for recruitment solutions, and make sure you provide plenty of ways for potential customers to get in touch. Add a client registration or inquiry form to your contact or employer information page to make it as simple as possible for potential customers to get in touch.

Word of Mouth

If you do a good job for your current roster of clients, they'll be likely to recommend you to other companies looking for staff. As long as you're providing an excellent service at a competitive price, word will spread about your agency, particularly if you serve a niche sector in the area in which you do business.