Fundraising Ideas for Holiday Bazaar Crafts

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Holiday craft bazaars are creative ways for nonprofit organizations and groups to raise money during the holiday season. These events typically feature all types of holiday decorations, crafts and even baked goods that are sold at small booths or tables. If you are planning a holiday craft bazaar and are looking for other ways to raise money through the event, you can choose from several types of fun and seasonally appropriate fundraising activities.

Photos with Santa

If your holiday craft bazaar is occurring during the Christmas season, raise additional money through photos taken with Santa Claus. According to Fundraiser Insight, this type of fundraiser simply requires a volunteer Santa, digital camera, volunteer photographer and a photo setting. The photo setting can simply feature a Christmas tree with wrapped boxes underneath it and a chair for Santa. Children and adults alike can take pictures with Santa. If your fundraising group is an animal charity, consider taking pet photos with the jolly fellow.


If the rest of your booths are selling Christmas-themed pot holders, ornaments and other Christmas crafts, your organization can sponsor a wreath booth. This type of fundraiser only requires ribbon, chicken wire and greenery. You can make all of the wreaths ahead of time or make them on the spot, depending on how many volunteers will be available. Some groups even allow bazaar customers to make their own wreaths. For a DIY type of activity, set a pre-determined wreath price and give customers a basic greenery wreath. Provide florist wire, ribbons, craft glue, ornaments and other decorations with which the customers can customize their own wreaths.

Gift Wrapping

Many people purchase presents and gifts for others at holiday craft bazaars. Take advantage of the season of giving by setting up a gift-wrapping booth to raise more money for your organization. All you need for this fundraising idea is a table, scissors, tape and wrapping paper. You can charge a set price for all gifts or vary the price by the size of the completed package.

50/50 Raffle

Organize a 50/50 raffle at your holiday craft bazaar to raise additional funds for your group. According to Fund Raising Ideas Center, this type of fundraiser is ideal for events that already have a gathered crowd. All you need for it is raffle tickets. Simply sell each ticket for a pre-determined amount, such as $1 or $5 per ticket. At the end of the day, draw one winning ticket number. Split the amount of money collected between your organization and the winning ticket-holder.