As a nonprofit leader and fund-raiser, organize or participate in a charity event. Whether you enjoy fitness, auctions, golf or dining, each event raises money, supports a cause and raises public awareness. There are local, national and international charities from which to choose. Make a difference with your generosity of time, money or participation and meet interesting people along the way while having fun.

Charity Fitness Events

An early morning run is meaningful if you are training for a good cause. There are many marathons to choose from in honor of someone fighting a disease or for research. Help raise awareness by organizing events for foundations such as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Organization for Autism Research or the Arthritis Foundation. The foundations provide information and sample letters to send to friends, family and co-workers to get you started in supporting your cause.

Charity Auctions

You may enjoy hosting a charity auction. Auctions raise millions of dollars for charitable organizations each year. The more merchandise you have, the more money you raise. Merchandise to be auctioned is contributed by merchants, service professionals and individuals. Some donors will provide cash for you to purchase merchandise. The estimated value of each item is prominently displayed and auctioned to the highest bidder. An annual ball or other formal event might include a charity auction as entertainment for patrons.

Charity Golf Tournament

If you know people who can never turn down a day on the golf course, consider holding a charity golf tournament. A successful charity golf event relies on drawing as many players as you can, each with a minimum number of pledges for their rounds. Attract players with news releases, local media coverage and newspaper advertisements. Offer corporate sponsorships or other incentives for players with the highest pledges and prizes for the lowest score.

Charity Banquet

Your connections become invaluable for charity banquets. Invite people you know who will spread the word about raising money for your cause with people they know. Often, a corporation will reserve a table by selling its own seats. From a banquet you acquire a list of supporters while promoting your product or service. You never know who you might meet in the audience. Charity banquets often have a silent auction and door prizes for entertainment as well as a guest speaker.