Effective communication in the workplace can reduce disputes between employees and management. When dealing with other businesses, a business owner can use effective communication to increase sales by conveying a professional image and reducing misunderstandings between a business and its clients. Employers should incorporate into their business model techniques and strategies to improve workplace communication and implement these policies with the aid of management.


Business owners should keep employees informed about the general operations of the business and company goals. They can encourage communication between employees and management by having an open-door policy that allows employees to resolve their issues by speaking directly with higher-ups. Transparency builds employee loyalty, which increases retention rates.


The workforce of U.S. businesses increasingly contains employees of different cultural backgrounds, gender and ethnicity. Sensitivity training workshops use role-playing activities to teach workers better ways to communicate with each other. Business owners can require sensitivity training for employees and management during initial orientation and on a regular basis to teach workers how to deal with differing viewpoints and mannerisms of their co-workers.

Human Resources

Employers can improve workplace communication by screening job candidates for communication skills during an interview. Businesses can require that existing employees with substandard writing or computer skills take classes. A few employees who spread gossip, criticize customers or co-workers or have consistently negative attitudes can hinder communication between management and co-workers, so business owners can resolve issues with these employees through training, discipline or termination.


Employees communicate more when they have a bond of trust with their employers. Employers should talk to their employees to determine their hobbies and interests. They can host company recreational events, such as barbeques and theme-park days to give employees a sense of community and let employees know that they appreciate their efforts. Employees who feel appreciated will communicate more with owners and management and work harder for their employers.