Smart executives and business managers take steps to make their organizations appeal to employees. Employees with positive feelings about the company they work for will show organizational commitment, which leads to higher motivation and productivity. Managers can instill organizational commitment in employees by creating a desirable corporate culture, stimulating employees and rewarding both quality performance and company loyalty.

Observe the activities of other companies with higher levels of organizational commitment. Study businesses within the same industry to understand how they keep employees committed to their current employer. Determine which commitment methods may be appropriate for your business.

Encourage employee innovation. Many employees enjoy working in a cutting-edge environment that encourages creative ideas and personal innovations. Employees who feel that they are contributors to the company's strategic direction may feel greater ownership of their work, which often leads to enhanced commitment.

Communicate frequently. Most employees appreciate transparent management because it keeps them informed of executive decisions that may affect their jobs. Consistent corporate communication helps minimize negative rumors that would otherwise damage employee loyalty.

Take steps to retain employees. Let them know their work is appreciated. Institute company loyalty programs. Visibly honor and promote employees who work hard and demonstrate commitment to the organization. Institute tenure timetables rewarding the commitment of long-standing employees.

Use the organization’s history to install a desirable corporate culture. Some companies have a long history full of uplifting stories contributing to the company culture and encouraging continued loyalty. Tell these stories during employee orientation to instill commitment in new employees.

Create a rich employment environment. Host employee events such as picnics and holiday parties. Make the company a fun place to work.