How Information Technology Affects Managerial Communication

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Information technology (IT) acts as an essential element of managerial communication, which is communication between managers and their employees. Knowing how to effectively utilize information technology will help you better communicate with your employees.


Information technology can be implemented into the workplace with the use of fax machines, videotapes, email, computer conferences, voice mail, teleconferences and video conferences.


Use IT to establish internal networks, such as an intranet (a network for employee use only). Establishing a complaint forum on the company’s intranet is an effective method of learning what criticisms or concerns your employees may have.



IT provides a variety of ways for you to collect information around the workplace. With this data you can best handle internal affairs, such as evaluating employee performances and dealing with employee thefts.



Managerial communication should be a two-sided conversation between you and your employees. Let your employees use IT to communicate any personal needs, such as accommodations needed in the workplace or requests for days off.



Be careful how you utilize IT for communicating with your employees. Don't cross work/home boundaries by abusing IT, like calling an employee who's on vacation.



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