Choctaw Government Grants

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma comprises 10 1/2 counties in the south of Oklahoma. The Choctaw Nation Tribal Council consists of 12 elected members and is responsible for enacting laws to govern within its jurisdiction. The Tribal Council implements programs and grants to encourage self-sufficiency and economic independence. The Choctaw government provides grants and funding to individuals and households to assist with education and living standards.

Higher Education and Grant Program

The Higher Education and Grant Program provides financial assistance to students of Choctaw descent attending a college or university in the United States. Applicants must submit a copy of a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood and a Tribal Membership Card to prove Choctaw descent.

College Clothing Grant

Choctaw tribal members can apply for a clothing grant from the Choctaw Nation if they are enrolled in a two-year vocational training program, a two-year college program or a four-year university degree course. Students may only apply for the clothing grant once.

Scholarship Advisement Program

The Scholarship Advisement Program matches outstanding scholars with appropriate scholarships from private or corporate donors. The program also assists students with applying and preparing for college or university. During the period of each student’s education, the program keeps in touch to provide help and advice where necessary.

Grant for Sanitation Facilities

The Choctaw Nation Office of Environmental Health provides grants to homes that require installation or construction of sanitation facilities. Applicants can use the funds to pay for installation of water wells, septic tanks or community sewer connections. Only households within the Choctaw Nation boundaries can apply for the grants. Applicants must also provide a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood and proof of ownership of the relevant home.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps low-income applicants to pay heating or cooling bills. Eligible households must be within the Choctaw Nation boundaries and provide evidence of low income.

Maintenance, Modernization and Rehabilitation

The Choctaw Nation’s Housing Authority provides grants to low-income households to assist with maintaining or modernizing their homes. The authority aims to provide occupants with a safe and sanitary living environment. A points system operates to award the grants and relevant criteria include age, income, disability and minor children living at home.