QuickBooks provides an efficient and comprehensive software solution to track your company finances, customers, taxes and prospects. However, when you need to create invoices, send a letter or print envelopes using customer data, sometimes it's easier to export your data to Microsoft Word to use the more intuitive interface for drafting letters and creating text documents. Whether you want to create collection letters, letters to customers, vendors, employees or contacts on your Other Names list, QuickBooks and Microsoft Word work together to make the process seamless and integrated.


Click the "Create Invoices" icon on the QuickBooks software homepage.

Click the "Templates" drop-down menu and select a template that provides the information you want to track. You can click on each template to preview the information provided and select the correct one for your needs.

Select the "Customer:Job" drop-down menu to choose a customer to create an invoice with her information.

Check to make sure the date is correct and then click the first blank line in the Item column. Add an item from the list for the product you are billing, then enter the quantity.

Change the description and rate fields, if necessary. Your items should automatically fill these fields in for you. Also, enter a customer message, if you want to personalize the invoice.

Click the "Letters" drop-down arrow and "Prepare an Invoice Letter."

Complete the instructions in the Letters and Envelopes wizard. If you don't see a letter template you want to use, click "Create or Edit a Letter Template." Follow the prompts to create a custom letter. After selecting or editing a template, a Word document with the letter opens in Microsoft Word.

Click "File" and "Save" in Microsoft Word. Save the document somewhere you will remember.

Press "Control-F" and type "MISSING*INFORMATION" into the search box. For each result, replace the tag with the relevant information for that section. Then return to QuickBooks, click on the field with the missing information and add the same information.

Select "File" and "Save" in Microsoft Word. Then select "File" and "Print."

Click "Save & Close" in QuickBooks to save the invoice.

Prepare Letters With Envelopes

Click the "Company" menu and "Prepare Letters With Envelopes." Select "Prepare Customer Letters," "Prepare Vendor Letters" or "Prepare Employee Letters"

If you are trying to print a collection letter, click the "Customers" menu and "Customer Center." Then click the "Word" drop-down arrow and "Prepare Collection Letters."

Select a template from the available list. The letter opens in Microsoft Word.

Click "Control-F" and type "MISSING*INFORMATION" into the search box. If any results appear, remove this information and replace it with the correct information. Return to QuickBooks and update the information for each field with missing information.

Click "File" and "Save" to save your letter. Click "File" and "Print" to print your letter.

Return to the QuickBooks wizard and follow the prompts to print envelope letters.


Information in this article applies to QuickBooks 2013. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.