Tear-off slips are a convenient feature of any document requiring a response and have replaced the necessity to use scissors to "cut on the dotted line." Many bills come with useful perforated "tear-off" payment slips. The consumer simply separates the slip from the invoice and writes the amount she is enclosing in the box provided. A tear-off slip very often has the payee's address printed on it to fit neatly into the window of the included remittance envelope and it is a handy tool to help the accounts receivable employee identify the customer making the payment.

Design the form or document. Calculate the size and location of the tear-off strip and create your document in a word processing or other software program to fit in with the perforation. Some accounting software offers the option of printing invoices that may include a tear-off section with the pre-programmed templates. Make certain you know the size of the document and print out a copy of the completed document on plain paper.

Contact your local printing firm. Go in and meet with them at their premises or ask them to send a representative to your office. Show them the form and indicate the location of the perforations. Consider the pricing and options they present, and if you are satisfied they understand your requirements and you accept their charges, order the pre-perforated forms. You may opt to have the printer create the complete printed form, or as in the case of invoices, they may simply cut the paper to the correct size and make perforations in the correct location.

Test the proof. Most reputable printing companies provide proofs for approval by their customers prior to completing the project. Place the proof page in your printer and print an invoice or form. Ask the printing company to make adjustments if it is not lined up accurately, and review another proof, or accept the proof if you are satisfied. When the paper arrives you will be able to print documents with tear-off slips.


Check local office supply stores for generic pre-perforated paper. It may fit your project or you may be able to design your project around it.